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[Fancafe] Announcement regarding Hyunjin's participation in today's fansign event (231103)

Hello. This is CTD E&M.

We would like to inform you that Loossemble member Hyunjin will be absent from the fansign event scheduled for today, due to Influenza A.

- November 3 (Fri) Everline fansign event.

Today, Hyunjin had cold symptoms and visited the hospital before the fansign event, and the specialist diagnosed her with Influenza A upon examination.

Since we fear that this disease will be contagious to fans, quarantine measures are needed and she cannot participate in the schedule today.

Today's fansign event will take place with 4 members excluding Hyunjin.

We ask for understanding from and express our apologies to C.Loo who will be attending the fansign event.

If there are any additional changes in schedule depending on the artist's condition, we will inform you.

We will put the artist's health as our top priority and do our best to ensure that the artist will be fully rested and recover.

Thank you.



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