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[Fancafe] Choerry (170921)

“💜Choerry💜 🦇 Ohooo~ Our ODD EYE CIRCLE has completed their first debut stage!! We could’ve done a little bit better, it feels like there are some big regrets..ㅠ^ㅠ Still! Trying a Vlive for the first time today and having our debut stage and premiere on TV has truly made today unforgettable!! (touched) It’s thanks to all the fans’ vigorous support that we were able to safely finish our first show today!~ All you guys are my vitamins😍👍(awesome!) I’m still lacking a lot and am very inexperienced but I’ll work very hard and practice so~ much so I’ll be able to show you a much much better image!! The upcoming “ODD EYE CIRCLE”’s activities! “LOONA”’s activities! Please look out for them a lot! You’ll make us pretty won’t you?! >//u//< I’m always grateful and I luv u~💜! Luv ya💜!”

Original translation by @loonagirls



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