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[Fancafe] Choerry (171104)

Hello~!! This is LOONA’s 8th member and fruit bat Choerry😘 What day is it today~!!!??? It’s it’s the hundredth day since I was revealedㅠㅠ I’m already 100 days old huh, it’s actually very moving..😢 From the day I was revealed until this moment I want to thank all of you who gave a lot of interest and love to not just me, but to all of LOONA. I always love you💜 A lot of things happened during these 100 days.. I went on stage and met with fans who always cheered for me and made me feel touched like I’d seen in my dreams, I’m very happy!! This is sweat dripping from my eyes right now.. not tearsㅠㅠ From my solo song to performing in a unit, I believe it’s thanks to you all that I was able to live happily every single day>< During every music show the fans cheered for us and to me those cheers became the driving force of my strength and I feel we were able to finish the stage brightly!! heh Even when we did the V apps you gave us a lot of praise and I felt so good💜 Let’s spend day after day happily together with Choerry and LOONA for 10, 50, and 100 years💜 I’ll work much much harder in the future and become the human vitamin to give you a lot of strength~!! Please give lotsa lotsa love to LOONA in the future as well😍 Ah! Lastly, Dad, Mom, I’m 100 days oldㅠㅠ I’ll become a daughter you can be more proud of!!

Original translation by @loonagirls



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