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[Fancafe] Choerry (190728)

Choerry's and Orbits' 2 Years

Helloo! Orbits~! This is Choerry (haha) and today is exactly two years after my solo debut! Yahoo~ 👏 I can't believe that it has already been two years since my solo album TT When I first recorded "Love Cherry Motion" I was half worried and half excited, my feelings were going back and forth! Fortunately when it was released, Orbits had lots of kind words to say, which moved me to tears, and I think everything that I had worried about flowed away with those tears. So, enough time has passed such that it's now the season to listen to "Love Cherry Motion" again! You're all listening, right!? (Yeess~~) What a relief haha!

Also while memorizing the choreography, I thought "I'll work hard and show them that I'm not lacking in any way!" but now that I look back at the choreography video, there are lots of things I needed to improve.. ha (embarrassed) But now, I'm con! fi! dent! that I can do better~ than the old Choerry! (Fi--yahh!!🔥)

These days the weather is so hot, so you must be feeling tired TT Everyone, wash away the heat by listening to Cherry-Motion~ Orbits, the most important thing is health, you know~ You can't get sick!! You can't catch a cold or get food poisoning. But Choerry-addiction... That's okay 💜 Orbits, I love you 💜



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