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[Fancafe] Choerry (200628)

Orbits!!! Hello! It's Choerry 🥰☃️

It's already been 3 years since my debutㅠㅠ I realize this each time but time really passes so quickly!

My Orbits who have loved me, Choerry, for 3 years, thank you so much and love you ⭐️😘

Lately I've been watching the Love Cherry Motion music video and stage performance clips too, and they're so much fun hehe

Every time I watch, I'm reminded of Orbits' cheers and the times I was together with Orbits, so I end up watching them really really often

I'm even feeling this way as I write this letter, they were such happy timesㅠㅠ

I wish to be with Orbits for a long long time to come too 💜

Hope to hurry and see Orbits and spend good times together! I miss you so much 💜

Ah! And when I was posting comments under Orbits' letters, I really wanted to write a lot

But my typing is still pretty slow... So I was a little sad...

I will practice my typing until the day I reply to every letter from Orbits 💕

Orbits! Love you so much, thank you, miss you 💜 Original Fancafe Post



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