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[Fancafe] Choerry (220604)

Orbit! It’s Choerry!💜😝

Guess what day it is~ it’s the day Jjerry was born, haha

The time has already passed so quickly, it feels like this birthday has come by particularly quickly!

I think that we’ll finally have more days to be with Orbits, so I’m so happy

In fact I think that’s the greatest gift of all haha💜

I think I always say this but thank you so much for worrying for me more than anyone else, cheering for me by my side, and loving me!🥹💜

Thanks to you, Choerry, the person known as Choi Yerim, is happy haha. I’ll work hard to live up to your expectations!!

Keep watching over me! I think my days have been so precious from debut until now, because I have Orbits haha

Thank you so much for the great gifts you give every day 🥰

It’s my birthday today so everyone, have a happy and loving day!~ I love you so much Orbit 💜💜😚



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