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[Fancafe] Choerry (220728)

Orbit! It has been 5 years since the birth of Choerry’s love cherry motion!!💜🥰

Thank you for really loving the song that’s very precious and meaningful to me hehe

I plan on listening to it 100 times to celebrate 5 years too!

Thank you Orbits, for unchangingly loving me and being by my side protecting meㅠ

I think I’m always moved by Orbit, and that I feel a great sense of thankfulness 😭

I think this summer was particularly hot but I think that’s proportional to my love towards Orbits hehe (shy)

Though it actually needs to be hotter!

Orbit, wait just a little longer, I will grow more and become tougher until I become a person that protects Orbits!

I’ll protect all of you!!

I’ll become a vitamin for Orbits only, and will try to give you great strength!

Let’s go let’s go!!😘✊🏻

Orbit thank you for all the congratulations, and let’s meet as soon as we can!😘



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