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[Fancafe] Chuu (180406)

Hello~ ♡

I’m the 10th girl Chuu, who’s reached her 100th debut day!

It seems like just the day before yesterday, I was having a fun time watching my music video with Lippie on the bus… It’s so strange to think it’s already been 100 days since my debut.

To be honest, the day I was first revealed to all of you with my first teaser phot, I wasn’t at all nervous.

And the fact I would be debuting with Lippie and Yves really feels like a dream… I couldn’t even have dreamed of it happening.

I’m so thankful and still amazed I was able to debut with such wonderful people!

As a person who hasn’t done much yet, I feel very grateful and happy for all the plentiful love and affection and sincere well wishes that you all shower me with.

And I know the fans say that I give them energy, but the truth is that it’s because of the fans that I’m always full of strength and energy ♡

I want to show all our treasured fans lots of new sides of me, and lots of new songs.

From now on, I’m really looking forward to all the moments that we’ll be sharing together!

LOONA’s final unit will be coming to you soon, so please look forward to it with much anticipation and love!

Thank you for making happy memories with me on my 100th debut day! Love you all ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Original translation by CLAIRE @loona-trans



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