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[Fancafe] Chuu (181020)

Hi everyone!! It’s today’s girl Chuu! 🌻💕

So many things happened to me this year and for me it was the year that I developed the most as a person 😊

As this is my first birthday since debut, I will spend from 10/20 00:00 to 10/21 00:00 without even a chance to blink my eyes!❤

Today is a day that I want to spend the whole day with you guys at the amusement park, or a large field- Or go to a green forest and hold a party eating lots of yummy food together 🤤

Usually birthdays are just when I eat nice food and passes by, but with so many of our Orbits congratulating me and anticipating it more than even I did, I couldn’t wait for my birthday to come quickly 💞

Because of Orbits who make my today shine, I think about how every day would be like today 🌟💐💋

Sometimes you guys worry if I am hiding my emotions when I am hurt or sad because there are only pictures of me smiling. You guys tell me “Don’t force yourself to be happy or seem bright every time! We love every moment about Jiwoo”, and those comments leave such an impression on me that I think about it 10 times a day.

Don’t worry, I am smiling because I really want to smile 😊🌻

So thank you, for making my birthday, no, my every day, special and happy. 🤩❣️

I want to give much energy to the Orbits too! So I will repay with great stages and music 👑 Let’s be together for a long time 🤙

Love you all! 💞💕💓💘💖 Chuu will be praying that Orbits would never lose their bright smiles even though the toughest times. 🌃🌠👀🙏🏻

Thank you for loving and giving strengths to my members, and thank you for wishing Jiwoo happy birthday. Love you! 🌸

And lastly!! Jiwoo loves you mom and dad so so so much, and thank you for bringing me into life. Thank you, I miss you! 🌙💜

Happy birthday🌻 Everyone! 🌻



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