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[Fancafe] Chuu (181228)

These days, the wind is getting cooler and the sparkling trees are shining even brighter as darkness falls faster everyday. I think it's beautiful. Like the hearts of Orbits ❤️

For the past year, with unit promotions and our full group debut concert, then wrapping up Hi High promotions, and making "Chuu-memories" with Orbits, it's already my 1 year debut anniversary 🌟

Around this time last year when my pictures were released one by one, I wrote in my diary that I was nervously excited and felt awkward. These days I've become a more forward Jiwoo, wanting to show you more sides of myself and performances on stage for Orbits as soon as I can 😽

To be honest, since I was young, my grand, desperate dream to become a singer felt distant and realistically unlikely at times. So there were days that were hard for me.

But now, as I meet Orbits, I tell myself that I went through all those times for happiness like this. I think to myself, "in a way it's a relief that I went through all that."

Thanks to all that, I've become tougher, and I like how this turned out very much 🌃🌠👀🙏🏻

I think I've gotten prettier too, from laughing while reading letters that Orbits wrote - letter by letter - and sent to us this whole time, with their kind hearts☺️

Typically, I'm awkward sharing any form of sincerity, so I have a hard time writing letters, or consoling others. But after receiving so many sincere letters from Orbits, and feeling and learning so many things from them, I learned that it's not hard - you just need to honestly write what you think! So I've ended up sharing this long but honest story hehe 😊

By appreciating every side and moment of mine, you've made me a precious person. For that I'm so, so thankful ❤️

I will enjoy stages that I've wanted to do, show you lots of good songs, stay healthy, and gift you precious smiles. Speaking of which, my Orbits, stay warm, since it's getting cold🌸promise

The other day, I wrapped up my diary for 2018, and the everyday events that filled it were all presents from Orbits 😊

Thank you for giving me a precious and heart-fluttering year, I love you 💓

Let's meet more in the future and make more great memories together 😍 I love you, Orbits!

And to the members I love, let's make many more great performances and memories and songs ❤️

Please keep running with LOONA, I love you 😊🌸



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