[Fancafe] Chuu (201020)

Orbits 💗💗💗 It's Chuu, today's my birthday 🎀

My birthday's already here again, time really goes by so fast 🧸

With my birthday happening with <Why not?> activities it's been lively lately 🌸💃🏻💝

What are Orbits doing these days?

I hope you're doing well, taking good care of your health, and not skipping meals.

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday 💗✨

It's sad that I can't meet Orbits in person this comeback again but I'll work hard during activities and do my best ☺️

If only I could, I'd want to listen in person to all of Orbits' concerns and resolve them.

But I know that's difficult so I'll seep into Orbits' lives like right now

So when Orbits think of me, or if I suddenly pop up, I think it's my duty to make them smile ☘️

Always be happy Orbit 🙏🏻

Now that you're by my side, you have to take some happiness to go 🤪

My Orbit thank you again for wishing me happy birthday, thank you again 💕

I feel like it's my birthday not just today, but every day I spend with Orbits 🌙

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