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[Fancafe] Chuu (201228)

⭐️ Orbits ⭐️ Hello 🍓 It's Chuu ❤️ You always always make Chuu dream sweet dreams, you are beings that I'm grateful for 🙏

Orbits are the people who helped adorn and shone on my time until this 3rd anniversary

During these 3 years, I've had so many fleeting emotions, memories

and uncountably many emotions that lingered unforgettably as well

And I love all those emotions, so precious that I'd like to pay compliments 🙏

Thank you Orbits ❤️ I will do everything for you that's possible for me to do ✨

From my debut up until now, the emotion I'd like to give you is the feeling of being loved

I already get to feel this emotion thanks to Orbits, but I will also become a Jiwoo who can give you love, that it may reach each and every one of you

Thank you Orbits ⭐️ I love you ❤️

I've been so grateful for these past 3 years

Take good care of your health and I hope we'll meet soon 🍓



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