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[Fancafe] Chuu (211228)

Orbit! It’s Jiwoo 😍 It’s already the 4th anniversary..?

I’m writing this letter while listening to Heart Attack.

Yeah, so I tried to write while listening to Heart Attack for like 10 minutes and I couldn't focus on writing emotional things and I kept shaking my butt so I turned it back off

The Heart Attack album itself is a very heart-thumping album and I prepared it with an excited mindset, so it still gets me really excited to this day 🥰

Around this time of year, as it’s becoming cold, it reminds me of meeting the members for the first time before Heart Attack was made, finding good places to eat near the company building, and funny memories from when we started living together

So I pull up photos from around that time in my gallery

As I do that, I end up looking back at whether I'm different now, having achieved something I wanted, or how close I've come to the person I've wanted to be

Thinking back, time's passed by so quickly since debut that I can't believe it's been four years already, and I want to explore myself more. From the Orbits I've met while releasing each album one by one, from all the expressions you've shown me, I've found comfort and solace, and been able to walk so well up to this point

Thank you Orbit 😊🙏🏻 I can never express it all in such simple words of gratitude

I want to do more things together with Orbit, and I want to sing for Orbits the songs I like, steadily

Just, until I reach the person I want to be, I want to be with Orbits in many things, in everything

In the future my 5th and 10th and 20th anniversaries will be coming too, and Orbits, please watch from my side that I might grow closer, not further, from what I want to be like

My Orbits, stay healthy, see you soon, I love you

Oh and also, I've prepped some old photos from when I'd just become Chuu 🥳 Orbits should reminisce too 🎄



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