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[Fancafe] Go Won (180509)


It’s LOONA’s 11th member, Go Won! 🍍

It’s already 100 days since I debuted! 😀

I feel like it hasn’t been long since my teaser and MV came out but…!

I think this day has come faster because I enjoyed every day 😁

I’m really happy because I was able to meet the fans at fansigns and cinema theory event 😘

And I like it because I was able to communicate with you all through V Live and LOONA TV!

I hope there will be more chances in the future to meet with you guys!

I still have a lot of things to show you!!

I’m working hard now for yyxy unit activities, curious, right~~??

I want to show you yyxy soon 💕

I always gain strength and happiness because you (fans) support me 💖

Thank you so much for being with me for the past 100 days and let’s be together forever! 😉

Thank you for celebrating my 100 days with me 😙

Original translation by @hyejootteokpoki



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