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[Fancafe] Go Won (191119)

Orbits hi hi! Today Gowon is wearing a party hat instead of a crown! Our Orbits, have you eaten? I'm going to have something tasty for my birthday hehe Can't believe this is already my second birthday spent with Orbits...! I've been practicing and resting and spending my days doing various things, and my birthday's returned so soon. I really like the idea of a birthday. It feels like a precious and special day, even if I don't do anything. But after meeting Orbits, it's become an even happier day 🙂 Orbits' every word become such great strength to me, and make me into an even more special person. The letters you post on the cafe, letters on the Orbit app, handwritten letters, I read every single one and receive from your hearts that way. Orbits! You know I love you so very much right?! I always have many things to tell you and feelings to express to you too, but I'm not the kind of person who's good at expressing myself so it's quite difficult ㅠ_ㅠ But I hope that you will know how big my heart for thinking about you and liking you is 💗 And thank you so so much for celebrating my birthday in my 20th year! Orbits, happy happy birthday to you too! You are all such precious, special people to me. Orbits, thank you for being born! 💗

- Sent to you from Gowon of November 19, 2019 💗 -



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