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[Fancafe] Go Won (200130)

Orbits! Happy New Year! Hi hi it's Go Won! Did you all have a fun New Year's? I'm sure you had your tteok-guk right!? hehe

As Orbits know, lately we've been working hard on comeback preparations.

This album is coming out after almost a whole year, so on one hand I'm worried about this and that, but I'm so excited and looking forward to being on stage and seeing Orbits.

I'm glad to be having a comeback as well, but when I think about my Orbits who've been waiting for even longer, I feel so sorry and thankful.

It's the comeback for real now, so I'm not gonna ask you to wait anymore!

Because we are about to meet really, really soon!

Oh, and actually the reason I came to meet you today is because it's my two year debut anniversary!

I still vividly remember coming to this company, meeting the members and first meeting Orbits when I was 19, but now I've turned 21.

I must have lost track of time because I've been so happy to be with Orbits. hehe

I think it's good that my debut month is January, the first month of the new year, because it helps me to get my mindset right.

I've made a bucket list recently too, you know.

There are a lot of items on the bucket list that I'm supposed to do with Orbits, so let's achieve them together!

Orbits, always, every time, thank you and I love you! ❤️



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