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[Fancafe] Go Won (201119)

Hi hi it's Go Won ·ᴗ·

Today is my birthday! My third birthday to spend with Orbits🥰

I was thinking my birthday might fall during promotions for the first time, but unfortunately promotions are overㅠㅠ

But still, you all saw the "Star" music video revealed yesterday, right?!

It's one of the songs I love and it came out so pretty, so I like it.

I hope my Orbits will like it too! hehe

Ahh, I really miss my Orbits so much 😢

Today I miss you more, even more.

I hope the day will come soon when we can talk in person and perform in front of you too.

Since we are happier when we are together, right?!

But the really upsetting thing is, I want to recognize every single one of your birthdays too,

but I'm only ever on the receiving end 😭😭😭

Orbits whose birthdays have passed!

And Orbits whose birthdays will come up, happy birthday to you all ❤️

Love you Orbits ❤️

Mm also, today you should eat carrot cake.

Why? Because I like them 🥳If you can't eat carrots, I recommend red velvet cake •̀ᴗ•́

Orbits, thank you so so much always, and you must stay healthy!!

Bye 😘



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