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[Fancafe] Go Won (210130)

Orbits♡ It's Go Won ε ᴗ̈ ɜ

Orbits are you doing well? What are you all up to these days?!

I've been watching dramas lying down, watching movies, knitting, doing coloring books~ Just resting and hanging out🤓

The other day I bought walnut cookies with Yeojin, and it was so nice because it felt like winter. Orbits, before the winter passes you should also eat walnut cookies or bungeoppang! Or hotteok!❤️ And Orbits who live where it's warm season, try walnut ice cream! Nom-nom it's tasty 😎

Oh but you know what today is right?! It's three years since Gowon and Orbits met 🥳 Thanks to Orbits who always illuminate me like light and make me special, it's always been a happy time for me. Let's be together for even more time to come. Orbits, I miss you so so much (˃̣̣̣o˂̣̣̣)

And Orbits you can never get sick!!! Promise me!!!

Always thank you and I love you❤️ Bye 😘❤️😘



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