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[Fancafe] Go Won (211119)

Orbit hi hi💚🤍

Today is a birthday for me, Go Won🥳

It's my fourth birthday with Orbits and it never changes how precious and special this is each time.

If I never got to meet Orbits, this would have been an ordinary day, and I'd have eaten the tteokbokki or shabu-shabu I like and ended the day

But because I met Orbits, I get to have a truly happy day with pretty words I don't get to hear normally and lots of birthday wishes.

I get to be with my Orbits, and that makes me truly the happiest person in the world(・ᴗ・̥̥̥ )

My Orbits, happy birthday to all of you too!! Thank you so much just for your existence♥

I hope you'll just never be sick and stay healthy.

Orbit~~~~~~~~~~~ I love you~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥



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