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[Fancafe] Go Won (221119)

Hello it’s Go Won ε ᴗ̈ ɜ

Today is my 5th birthday with Orbits!

I’m very happy to be able to spend my birthday with Orbits this year as well

I feel this every time, but thank you for sending so much love and so many happy birthday wishes♥

I think Orbits are always making me a very special person

To me these Orbits are so so precious and special!

Reason being, Orbits are my dream

Just this year, thanks to Orbits, we’ve done a variety of things, like concerts, Queendom, Flip That activities, and even a tour abroad

It was an invaluable and precious experience, I really felt and learned of emotions that I may never feel again

There have been so many memories made, that if you asked me to pick one memorable day, there were so many that I wouldn’t be able to pick one

Thank you for being with me in these days

And thank you for making today happy as well

Happy birthday to Orbits too I love you~~~~♥



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