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[Fancafe] Haseul (170818)

To the beloved family-like fans I’m always thankful for♡ Hello! It’s Haseul heh. Today,, is my birthday!!! During my birthday last year I was diligently practicing and thought “Will I be able to debut?” and of course I also celebrated my birthday with my friends who i trained withㅋㅋ However now that I’ve debuted I’m sooo~ delighted to have been able to spend (my birthday) with the people I love. I almost keep on tearing upㅠㅠ Ah! I also received birthday gifts and greetings from the members! Are you jealous~~Heh♡

Still, the best thing is when the fans greeted me. I’m really happy. I’m really happy to know that even I am important and precious to someone out there. I’m also thinking that I’ll work even harder to show (everyone) an better image! Like now, will you stay by my side whenever,,,?♡ I’ll always stay right by your side! In the future I will love the fans so so so so so much more and work so so so so much harder x1000! I will do my best as Loona’s Haseul!! I love you! Also, thank you! ♡ Peng Peng

Original Fancafe Post

Original translation by @loonagirls


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