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[Fancafe] Haseul (171215)

Hello It's Haseul!

It's been a year since I debut as LOONA's 3rd member ㅎㅎ! Many things have happened in the past year! I've promoted in 1/3 and OEC has just ended their promotions not long ago! And now the 10th member has just been revealed!! Also I've filmed in web drama Woomanna, filmed cosmetics CFs, filmed a game CF... ㅎㅎ I've even filmed for the TVs during the members'MV filming! It really seems like one busy year :D

Actually sometimes I still don't have that "I have debuted" feeling and more often I have that "I need to work even harder" thinking ㅠㅠ! I really very love and miss all my unnie fans, oppa fans, dongsaeng fans and friends who always support me and like me even with my shortcomings. (heart)

I will!!!!! Take in my 1 year since debut and once again, with the mind of a beginner, work hard to prepare for a flawless full lineup debut! I can do it right?? ㅎㅎ

From now I'll keep on working hard and be more grateful of everything. And also as the leader of LOONA, I will fulfill my responsibility and give all my best to make LOONA and fans happy! I'm really thankful to those who have been together with me in this past year :) I'll continue to look forward to your guidance!!!

ps. In this winter let's be together with The Carol~ (and Let Me In as well...><)

Original translation by seallyJ



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