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[Fancafe] Haseul (180818)

Hello, I’m LOONA’s Haseul.

It’s already my second birthday after my debut! Last year, our lovelies whom we called fans also gained a name: Orbit! I was able to spend the day happily thanks to Orbits and I think I’ll spend it happily this year too!

I get presents and letters from people I cherish and am thankful for every year on my birthday. And that’s why I’m writing a letter to Orbits now haha you know that you’re someone I cherish a lot right?!

Orbits are a really big part of my life because they raise me up and cheer me up whenever I am tired! Thank you for not forgetting me and loving me even when LOONA 1/3 promotions ended ❤️

I’ll also become a presence that will give Orbits strength whenever you’re tired! I’ll repay you back with good songs and stages! Promise!!

And also tomorrow is our debut concert!! We prepared really amazing stages so I think it’ll be good if you anticipate it haha Orbits I love you!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Lastly thank you for my parents for giving birth to me I love you ❤️

Original translation by @adoreloona



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