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[Fancafe] Haseul (181215)

Hello this is Loona's 3rd member Haseul.

It's already been 2 years since I've debuted! It feels like just yesterday when I went to Iceland... Hehe

Last year we were busy preparing for our 10th member Chuu, but now we've promoted as a full group with all 12 of us, with LOONAbirth and LOONA studio!!!

We've done so much in this time!

Orbits also made great memories with us too, right??

I was really happy during LOONA Studio. It was the first LOONA 1/3 concert! It was the small theater concert I had always hoped for, and I was thankful because I could see the fans up close.

Realizing I could sing while making eye contact with Orbits actually made me very happy. I'm happy to just sing, but seeing people happy to hear me singing makes me happiest. hehehe

A lot of things happened in the past 2 years, and I held my being a part of LOONA to be very precious the whole time.

While today is my 2nd year debut anniversary, it has been 119 days since we've debuted as a full group! LOONA still has 123456789101112 ways to show you our charms, so please keep watching over us, haha

I'll fly like a bird onstage for you!!

And also, to all the international orbits!

You're far away, but we'll send our energy to the other side of the world!!

Orbits! I'm always thankful, and I love you! Whenever Orbits are tired, Haseul will be there to give you strength!!



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