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[Fancafe] Haseul (190818)

Hello, this is LOONA's Haseul!

I guess it's already my third birthday since I've debuted haha

Last year we debuted the day after my birthday, This year we've promoted with Butterfly and had a joyful and emotional year.

While attending multiple festivals and various activities, I've been happy since we've been able to get close to Orbits often, haha

Orbits, how has it been for you?? Did you have a packed year with us? Haha

Since the LOONAVERSE concert in February until August 18, right now..! I'll just trust that you feel the same hah

Whenever it's my birthday or my first or second debut anniversary, I think of Orbits and our staff and managers, and our members who are like family. I wanted to show you an improved version of myself compared to last year but I'm not sure if you saw that. Haha

I think I was able to improve myself to another level because of all your love and help!

I say this every time but it's thanks to Orbits that "LOONA" exists and "Haseul from LOONA" exists too. I always hold a certain pride about LOONA and while loving our music I will work harder and learn more about music moving forward. Since we're a group that doesn't follow trends, but rather, one that creates them haha ><

I hope Orbits also continue loving our music and us as well haha

Unfortunately I think I have to end this letter now T_T To the Orbits who wished me happy birthday today! I'm always thankful, always loving you, and I won't ever change that! I love you ❤️



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