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[Fancafe] Haseul (211215)

Hello Orbit?! It's Haseul

Today marks 5 years since I've met Orbit

I'm really happy to be able to be with Orbit on December 15 every year like this

Many things have happened with us during these 5 years, right?

There were happy things and there were also heartbreaking things

I think that's why we became closer to each other

I still can't forget that moment 5 years ago, when they said "Haseulie is the third member"

I was 20 years old then ..heghhe

I remember the moments when even while at school, I would dance, sing, and work hard during each break, for my debut

My beloved members, who have been with me during these 5 years, and who have already become family by now,

Thank you so much and I love you

Thank you so much for always being by my side whether we're happy or sad together, my loves

You know that my wallpaper image is still us, right? I gain strength whenever I look at it

I think that today is not a day for me, but for the many people who have helped me come this far, and I will spend this day meaningfully hehe

To all of you who awaited me when I was going through hard times, I am so thankful and you are so lovely to me

I will also be that kind of person who always gives strength to Orbit

I love you forever, Orbit💚



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