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[Fancafe] Haseul (220818)

Hello this is Haseul from LOONA

I’ve already turned 26 haha

I am currently on a U.S. tour!!

I’m a very blessed person, I think I'm fortunate just to be able to be on stage on my birthday.

For this year’s birthday, many people congratulated me while we’ve been on tour,

And I try to have dinner with my parents every birthday, but it’s a little difficult this time…..!

So, I’d like for Orbits to have a meal with your own parents in my stead

If circumstances don’t work out, I hope you can at least give them a call

I think I’ll feel fulfilled if you do

I’ll finish the tour healthily and happily

I’ll work hard to repay the love to the many Orbits who have wished me a happy birthday

Thank you, I love you

To. My Driving Force

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