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[Fancafe] Haseul (221215)

Hello this is Loona’s Haseul

Six years have already passed…

I wish that I could always be of great strength to Orbit

But the more time passes, the more I see my own shortcomings

To the Orbits who embrace even these shortcomings with love

I am so grateful and sorry

I don’t know what more to say

In this current situation, I think “I love you” is the only thing I can say to Orbits…

I trust that Orbits know that I cannot say anything right now

I hope that someday even this moment will become a memory, and that we will be able to face each other, smiling, and talk

And more than anything else, I love my Orbits very much

Let’s promise to be of strength by each others’ sides

I will protect you

This photo is from before I debuted, during the test filming.

I suppose that from that moment onwards, I was fated to receive Orbits’ love

I love you



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