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[Fancafe] Heejin (161016)

Hello! This is  LOONA’s Heejin! Everyone~ It seems that a lot of people have joined the fancafe so I’m sincerely grateful. I think we’ll be able to communicate a lot through the fancafe, that’s really nice! I’m sneaking around and lurking with the Girls of the Month keke I hope we’ll be able to communicate very very much in the future through the fancafe hehe Everyone! The weather lately is very cloudy and cold so go out wearing firm clothes and don’t catch a cold ㅜㅜ Let’s be sure to put our health first and not get sick at all~~

Finally, I’m very grateful to you for taking a lot of interest in LOONA❤ You’ll take a lot of interest in the lovely Girls of the Month that will come out every month as well right??!! Let’s see each other and communicate often in the future so we can be friends hehe Then, bye ! >.<

Original Fancafe Post

Original translation by @loonagirls

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