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[Fancafe] Heejin (170112)

Hello. This is LOONA’s Heejin! Everyone, it’s already my 100th day since debut! >.< Visiting France, filming the ViViD music video, and releasing my album all seems like it was a few days ago, but already it’s been 100 days.. time sure flies by doesn’t it? During this time of 100 days I think I met a lot of truly precious people, it feels great. I want to stay together with good people~!

LOONA has suddenly become 4 members huh^^ The question everyone’s been very curious about, ‘When is LOONA going to be on broadcasts?!’ Just wait a ti~~~ny bit more please >.<!! We’ll be able to meet soon hehe Because I also want to meet with a lot more people quickly!

Everybody! Until you’ve been with Heejin and LOONA for 1000 days, no, 10000 days, let’s stick together!! Promise ❤ I also promise to be with everyone for the rest of my life~

Also, soon!!!! The 4th member Yeojinie’s album will be released. You’ll look forward to it very very much right ~?

For reading my post, and for congratulating Heejin’s 100 days since debut, thanks so so much !! Then, see you again next time, bye~~~❤

Original Fancafe Post

Original translation by @loonagirls



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