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[Fancafe] Heejin (191005)

Third Year Anniversary Since the Founding of Loona

Hello our Orbits! Are you doing well??

Today is the third anniversary of my debut, and it also marks 3 years since LOONA came to be in this world! 🎉

When I debuted, I was just 17 and unaware(?) of anything in the world, like a baby chick hahaha

At some point I've become a full-fledged adult, haha How was Heejin to Orbits during this time??

Mm, for me! Compared to when I was 17, I think I'm more likely to take on challenges! Whatever it may be, I reject thoughts of it being impossible, and fearlessly run headfirst into it and see what happens!! That's what I think 😊

Honestly, this third anniversary, I need to be thankful for Orbits ㅠ

After all, thanks to Orbits, we are still shining?

In the future too, this Dangun! will firmly take care of LOONA haha

You trust me right? I'll sending this message to Orbits whom I'm always thankful for, and love. I love you, Orbit 💗



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