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[Fancafe] Heejin (191019)

Heejin's Day

Hello Orbit! It's Heejin 🐰

Today is my 20th birthday!!! 🎉

It's my first birthday since the first digit changed to "2" I'm happy that I can receive congratulations from more and more Orbits each year 💗 Birthday comes once a year so it's a special day to me, but I feel that a birthday is a day that I need to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. And because of that, I met Orbits, and allowed me to live as a happy person right now!

If past birthdays were ones where I was just receiving, now I've become thankful to all the people around me! And even being able to think like this, was due to Orbits.

It is a fortune that we met together here as if fated. Knowing each other's existence changed many things! Thank you for gifting me another special birthday. My twenties, let us continue building happy memories!

I love you, Orbit 💗

From 20 year old Heejin



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