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[Fancafe] Heejin (201019)

Our Orbits! Hello, this is Heejin:)

I wanted to spend my 21st birthday with Orbits, so I decided to write this letter!

I think this year's birthday is really, really, really special! ㅋㅋ

As you all know, we are releasing our 3rd mini album on my birthday ♥️

You don't know how weird it was for me to see 2020.10.19 written on the teaser ㅋㅋ

By the time you receive this letter, it really won't be long until release!!!!!

Until now, my birthday has been one where I received gifts from Orbits, but I’m so happy that I can be the one to give you a gift this year.

Also, it isn't long until the day we get to meet, right?

I have never been this excited for my birthday! My heart is fluttering😭

Our Orbits! Are you doing well?

Since the daily temperature difference is getting wider, you have to be careful not to catch a cold, and make sure to dress warmly!

Whenever I wake up in the morning, it’s been freezing cold…

But I’m a little concerned because I’ve been obsessed with ice cream recently ㅜ

Even though the weather's getting colder, why is it so delicious..

Don’t be like me and eat ice cream..! Eat something warm.. 🤣

Anyways!! Thank you for spending my 21st birthday together.

There aren’t a lot of days left until 2020 ends, so I'll hurry to come meet you without another day's delay, before this year passes.

I promise! Thank you and I love you so so much ♥️



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