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[Fancafe] Hyeju: 2023 Hyeju Birthday Diary (231113)

Hello Shiloos, this is Hyeju who's turning 22 years old again (international age)

Firstly thank you for the many birthday wishes

Thanks to my beloved Shiloos, and the precious relationships

I think this will be a long diary🫶

The scene of the party decorated by the shop

Jyujyu is the nickname that the makeup artist calls me by ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Even added that flower, so neatly

I really like rice cakes, so almost like a cake of rice cakes

They prepared this🥹 I ate it all yesterdayㅋ

Even the crown they worked hard to put up...... I was so grateful

When I arrived at the fansign venue, With Muu prepared this lovely cake

And even my birthday hashtag text

I really did not even imagine this, so I was so startled

Once again thank you so much....🫶👻

While doing the fansign with my C.Loos, I got plenty of birthday wishes,

And plenty of love too. Maybe because it was my birthday,

a lot of people brought fansign items too, so it was fun

It's an experience that you can't really have unless you're an idol ㅋ

I also visited the birthday event cafe and ad spots,

and photo booths that C.Loos prepared for me

You can't see my face but that's me....

I was waiting for the ad and it appeared suddenly so I rushed! to take this

To think that my face is appearing like a grand entryway in a place this big

Thank you so much🤍

There was a birthday event cafe nearby so I stopped by

And C.Loos were already there

Teleporting C.Loos🥷

C.Loos put candles on a cake and sang for me too

I'm still a little shy in occasions like this but I was so grateful

After eating with family, we did another cake at home

Today is my actual birthday! During practice, the choreo trainer and dancer unnies

Celebrated my birthday with Choco Pie (my love)

They were planning a surprise party but I ended up seeing so...

It became a regular party

No matter the shape or form, I get happy once the candles are put in

I also visited a birthday cafe that was decorated with swag

Guess C.Loos take after me to have such good senseㅋ

I was touched at the sign of care that went into each prop

There were also thick front paw cookies...? there too🐾

Surprise Gureum appearance

We went to a bungeoppang-concept cafe and even the entrance was so cute

The owner-nim gave me ice cream and bungeoppang

So I savored them greatly

Why do I have two bags when the owner-nim only gave me one, you ask?

There was an actual bungeoppang shop nearby so I blasted in

Wealthy in bungeoppang

There's no better form of wealth~..~

(A poster(?) that I made)

Got to game with C.Loos like I've wanted to

What a very very fruitful day it was

C.Loos are able to give this much love to somebody

And I think you're so awesome for that

I can't repay even half of half of half of the love C.Loos give me

But I'll repay little by little in my own way🫶

Thank you!



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