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[Fancafe] Hyeju: 2024 New Year's Greeting (240101)

Hello Siloo

After 2023 hectically flew by, it is now the new year, 2024! How was 2023 for you all?

For me, this year was like a movie.

I believed in a happy ending and it really ended up that way (feat. Newtopia)

There are some C.Loos for whom this was a very hard year too, right?

I dare not presume the scale of your difficulties but,

I hope that C.Loos can, even if a little bit, struggle less and get hurt less, since it’s an overwhelming world to even live an alright life

I think that just getting by unscathed, even, is a good life.

I have quite a few goals that I would to achieve this year

So I’ll trust in C.Loos and dash onward 👻

Let’s hope that 2024 is a year when we can all be happy often, happy new year! Happy New Year!



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