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[Fancafe] Hyunjin (170319)

Fans~~~ Hello!!! It’s Hyunjin!! I think there were a lot of truly happy days this week! My feelings about our first stage at Inkigayo were so good that I can’t put it into words!!! Even standing on stage made me happy and I was very pleased by the fans’ supportive cheers!! ㅜㅜ I was really touched!!!! There was even a point where I was so touched that I couldn’t maintain my composure keukeu!!! And when the show ended we had a fanmeeting too, it was really great getting to meet the fans and be close!! It was an atmosphere like a family so that was even better! hehe I hope that in the future as well we’ll meet often and be as happy as a family like this again and again><heuheu The weather that day was a bit chilly but a lot of you came, I’m sincerely grateful ㅜㅜ Please be careful that you don’t catch a cold!! And the fansign!! euhung ㅜㅜ Truly, I’m really touched every time you come on here and write us letters filled with your sincere hearts like this ㅜㅜ Even simply just coming to see us makes me so gratefulㅜㅜ We’ll promote more earnestly and be sure to repay you with a good image!! ㅜㅜ Please watch over us prettily!! heehee In the future with LOONA forever ♥

Original translation by @loonagirls



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