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[Fancafe] Hyunjin (181115)

Hello~ Our Orbits☆

Today's November 15th! A kitty cat was born on this day~

You know who that kitty is, right??!! Just in case... I'm Hyunjin >_< ♡

Hehe because I received congratulations and love from Orbits on my birthday, I think it was a great day, and I'm so happy!!!

Today's my birthday so I think I'll have seaweed soup instead of bread~ hehe

If you guess how many bowls of seaweed soup I'll have today, I'll pick a winner and send you a heart ---> ♡

December is coming soon, and the weather is getting cold.

Orbits!! You know what I mean, right????

Right, I'm telling you not to get sick!!!

If you get sick or hurt kitty will get sick and hurt the same way, so let's spend this winter in good health together ♡

I'm always thinking of Orbits and reading your letters, so Orbits please think of kitty lots and lots!!! ♡

Also! See you soon at LOONA Studio ><

Lastly, I love you Orbits ♡ Poof!☆



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