[Fancafe] Hyunjin (191117)

It's already been three years...

since Hyunjin's been with Orbits

To. My partner, Orbit 💗 Orbits hello~~ It's Aeong 🐱 Today is a most important anniversary. 3 years since my debut ㅠㅠ Wahhhh ㅠㅠ it's already been 3 years!!! Time seems so quick... I feel this all the time but I'm really happy because I have so many memories of being together with Orbits 💗 Thank you for being with me for 3 years ㅠㅠ I'll never forget 2019.11.17. From now on Aeong-i will show you even more awesome and splendid things so please look forward to it 💗 Oh!! And thank you for congratulating me for my third anniversary 💗 I'm reading and seeing all your letters and messages hehe. And our Wuebits, I am thinking of you too~ 💗 It was my birthday not long ago so I got lots of congratulations my way, and I'm happy to get even more for this 💗 (I'm a very happy person.) I'm really proud because I think I spent 2019 well~ 2020 is coming soon, so let's keep doing well together, Orbits 💗 Aeong-i will make Orbits happy 💗 (I'll give you a lot of laughs.) Orbits 💗 Aeong, let's go~~ 💗

Orbit I love you

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