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[Fancafe] Hyunjin (191115)

Aeong's Birthday

Hello ⭐️

I'm Loona's second member, Hyunjin 💗 As our Orbits know, today is my birthday ⭐️⭐️

Kkya~~~ everybody scream~~~


It seems even more special, maybe because it's my first birthday after turning 20~ And more than anything, because Orbits are celebrating my birthday I'm even happier and feeling really~~~ good >_< 💗

Maybe it's because I've spent my birthdays with Orbits since when I was 17, but every birthday Orbits are on my mind a lot 💗

Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday today 💗I love you 💗Thank you 💗

You'll continue being by my side every birthday, right~?

I trust in you >_< I'll be here always growing up healthy and sound~💗

Orbits, I'll be praying that you'll also be healthy and always full of happiness 💗

Orbits, love you 💗




Mom, Dad, Brothers, love you 💗



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