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[Fancafe] Hyunjin (201117)

Hello Orbits 🥰

Today is Aeongie's 4th debut anniversary~!!!! 😳

Is this real life!?!?!?

I really can't believe it.

So I'm writing this letter while listening to 'Around You'~! 🤗

It must be because I was 17 years old then but my voice was just a little different!!

Felt like I used more breath..?

My voice feels a bit more lively now. Haha!!

In order to give Orbits a better voice and songs in the future

I'll try and try again!

Some time ago I went on King of Masked Singer,

I let you hear my voice and it was a very happy and good stage.

Should I call it a meaningful stage?!

So I was very thankful to those who supported me.

I won't forget this thankful feeling, and will stay as Orbits' cute Aeongie as always 😌

Let's be together with more delightful and happy days, Orbits 😍

I love you 🥰

Poof ❤️


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Thanks for translating!

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