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[Fancafe] Indefinite postponing of LOONA The Origin Album [0] & Response to recent reports (221222)

Hello, this is Blockberry Creative.

Firstly, we would like to apologize for causing great concern for fans of LOONA. We also deeply apologize for causing fatigue to members of the public who have been observing this.

As a result, after closely listening to the words of many people, including Orbits, we have decided that comeback activities are meaningless while in a situation where various concerns about the members are unresolved.

As a result, we have decided that LOONA The Origin Album [0], which the 11 members have worked hard to prepare for, and which was originally scheduled to be released on January 3, 2023, will be postponed indefinitely.

In addition, to Orbits and to the many people supporting LOONA, we would like to present an explanation regarding a series of issues.

LOONA is a project that took great effort over a long period of time.

As it was a long-term, large-scale project that required greater investment and expense compared to typical idol groups, there were many times where, on the surface, the results didn’t reflect the magnitude of our efforts.

After LOONA was planned and formed, there were endless expenses that were difficult for a small-to-medium-sized agency to afford, but we believed that such was the burden to be borne by the agency, which must withstand the cost of upfront investment, and we persevered.

Also, even though there are various misunderstandings and speculations regarding the issue of earnings distribution, ultimately the Company has always felt a sense of guilt towards the members who have not profited for a long time.

From the very beginning, the success of LOONA was a nearly impossible task, one that could only be achieved through investment and effort without any guarantees on the part of the agency, and the trust and sacrifice of the members who believed and followed.

It may have been a foolhardy effort by a lacking and small agency, but thanks to the effort and patience of the members who trusted in such a company, this year - the sixth since the debut project began - we had begun to discover the light of that hope.

There would be nothing better than all of LOONA being impressed upon the general public under one name, but given the nature of a large girl group, it is often the case that certain members become known first; for the Company also, it was an inevitable decision to encourage and support a member who first built recognition with the public. We wished that all the members would progress together with one mind, but unfortunately and contrary to our hopes, the former member’s attitude began to change.

Because of this, to secure the future, the Company agreed to a change in the contract terms despite the risk associated with earlier investments; we tried to preserve all of LOONA no matter what it took, but as known to everyone, we have reached an unfortunate conclusion.

In the series of efforts we have made as we produced LOONA as a small-to-medium agency, regardless of their successes or failures, we are proud of one thing: that the attempt itself has already made a mark in the history of K-pop.

Naturally, all of these problems have been caused by the shortcomings of the Company, and are ours to bear; but we cannot stop the effort to preserve LOONA and achieve our dreams together, no matter what. We also know all too well that those dreams can only come true if many people, including Orbits, stand with us.

We will be sure to create an environment where all fans can happily support LOONA.

We once again deeply apologize, and ask for your support of LOONA’s still-ongoing dreams and future.

Thank you.



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