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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (171003)

Hello! This is LOOΠΔ’s Jinsoul! The day to write my 100th day letter has come! euak! I’m so moved😍 Firstly, I’m so so grateful to all the fans who gave me so much attention and love since the day of my reveal until now as I’m promoting in the unit ODD EYE CIRCLE❤ I think it’s thanks to you each and every day is so happy!

When I appeared as a featuring for ViVi-unnie I was amazed you took so much interest in me And even doing shows already, it hasn’t hit me yet😂 Feels like time has suddenly passed by! hehe

We’ll be together later on and keeeeep being together for the rest of our lives right? You should be with me, Jinsoulie, and LOONA as well for 100 days, 1000 days, and 10000 days👍 kya kya Thank you for always supporting me and loving me!💙 In order to show you a much much more pretty! good! cool! lovely! cute! beautiful! image in the future I’ll become LOOΠΔ’s Jinsoul who will do her best to work hard!😉 I love you! I luv u! 😘❤

Original translation by @loonagirls



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