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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (180613)

Hello! I’m LOONA’s Jinsoul 🐟

It has been a while since I posted anything on fancafe so it’s a little awkward hehe 😛

The reason why I’m writing a letter today!

Is because today! 13th June! Is it the Election Day 😉

It’s Jinsoul’s birthday today 💙 Kya

Last year’s birthday was the day I was revealed so it was very meaningful but this year is the first time I’m able to celebrate it with the fans so I’m happier.

I don’t have a way to express my gratitude to fans usually but it’s good that I have a chance to say things like that 😘

Fans! Thank you so much for supporting and loving us! ❤️ I always gain strength thanks to you💪

I love you too! Kya kya 💜

I’ll work harder to become a Jinsoul that the fans can be proud of! You’re going to anticipate it, right? I’ll scold you if you forget! 😈

Once again! Thank you so, so much for celebrating my birthday together 💕 We’re going to be together in the future too, right?

Please give a lot of attention to our LOONA yyxy who are working hard in their promotions!

Our LOONA complete group! We’ll show you as much as everyone waited! Please wait a bit more 😌 I love you! 💘

Seriously! Our LOONA members, thank you for celebrating!🙂

Parents! Thank you for giving birth to me, raising me properly! I’ll work hard to become a cool and pretty daughter!

I love you! 💖

Gain strength today with the hot weather and that’s all!🎂

Original translation by @adoreloona



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