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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (190613)

Hello Orbit-doongs! This is Jinsoul 😀The reason I am writing this hand-written letter is! Drumroll! I came because I wanted to see Orbit-doongs so much lol (sorry) Yep - today, June 13th, is my BIRTHDAY, and also the day I was first made known to Orbits, so it's even more meaningful!

Thinking back to that day still makes me tear up, but time has already passed quickly and it's already my second birthday that I'm sharing with Orbits! Past memories come up one by one, and it's even better because it's not the first, but the "second." ❤️

Lately there's something I really wanted to tell you! I don't know why I get so nervous when saying it, but I really wanted to say "thank you" to Orbits. Mmm, I'm just not that perfect of a person, and still have many areas to improve on, but I'm so thankful that you still like me as much as you do. Every word gives me a lot of strength, and thanks to Orbits, I've taken a hard look at myself... Heheh thank you

So, I want to do better for you and give you energy as well, but there are many times where things don't go as well as I'd like. It may not seem like it, but I'm timid and have a lot of thoughts, so whenever that happens, I care a lot and feel bad.

I'm not very good at talking about how thankful I am, so I don't know if this is coming across very well. But Orbits, I'm genuinely, really, really thankful 😍Today’s even more special since I get to share it with Orbits, lala! I thought of this while writing this letter, but on "June 13th," the first time I was shown to you, I think I gained a sense of commitment.

I'll continue working with the passion that I had right when I started! And I’ll work hard to show you a super-improved self, totally different from when I started ✊Cool and pretty! Please keep looking forward to that, and thank you for always making me a big and cool person! Orbits! I really love you 🐟💕

P.S. Mom dad, thank you for giving

birth to me and raising me well.

I love you -❤️



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