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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (190626)

Orbits 💙I'm back again! It's Jindori 🐟The first sentence of the letter becomes the title, so I started it off in a new way. But I get to write a another! letter within just 2 weeks, because! Today, June 26th, is when I turn two years old! giggles Not long ago, I received a lot of love and many congratulations from Orbits but to receive that again for 2 years makes me happy 😀💙

Lately I've felt many things thanks to Orbits, and I realized that again, you all give me such strength and comfort, you know... Then again sometimes I get concerned about that and it gives me a headache... This message got lost somewhere... Anyways Orbits, thank you so so much for making me a person who is constantly receiving love, I want to do better for Orbits, really. You all say otherwise on the outside, but it's true that I don't deserve Orbits, so I'll work really really hard. I want to become a person whom Orbits can think about when they're tired.

Orbits, I hope you don't get hurt or sick! Inside and out-! Compared to how much you care and worry about me, I'm sorry that I can't be beside you, but we're always thinking about when we make resolutions and while we practice! We're watching over you kekeke 😀You have to take care until we can see you again with a cool look (and don't forget about us)! See you when it gets even hotter, heheh I love you Orbit-doong-doong

To. My Love-doongs

From JinSSoul (2)



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