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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (200613)

Hello Orbits! It's Jinsoul 💙

Time has passed by and my birthday is here already. June 13, my birthday, feels like a time when exactly half the year has passed, and it makes me think a lot. It's a time when I look back on myself over the past half-year, and think about how to spend the remaining half. Just like the end of the year or New Year's.

In my mind, in the first half of the year I promoted with a new album, got to participate in lots of different and new filmings, and had the honor of doing an OST! Also, more personally I think I had a fun and busy time while studying hard on songwriting and trying my hand at vlogs.

And going through that time, I thought of Orbits more often than ever. I'm a little embarrassed to write about something I've only ever thought about, but I really thought of you a lot. As the opportunities to see my Orbits dwindled, and as that period stretched on, from some point onwards the time I once spent with Orbits felt a lot like a dream and I longed for it so much. And I think I realized once more how much strength Orbits had been for me all along.

Thank you so much for always making my birthday a special one, and for always making me into someone who's great and grand, someone who shines. When I look back on myself I'm still lacking and inept in so many ways, but thanks to Orbits I'm able to learn and improve. As much as Orbits make me shine, I hope I can keep working hard and become a singer whom Orbits can be more proud of than anyone else! I say that all the time, but it hasn't happened yet, so I'll keep saying until it comes true 😊

Orbits! I hope the day we meet will come soon, and you must take good care of your physical and emotional health until then. Us girls are doing well so no need to worry! Heh heh I worry more about Orbits! Okay? Thanks to Orbits I've had a really joyful day, so I hope my Orbits will have an even more joyful day after day. Also, today is even more meaningful because it's our third birthday together. I hope we can be people who congratulate each other for a long long time.

I was thinking about what to write and started putting down thoughts that just came to mind, so I'm worried if this makes any sense. But just like how Orbits write me letters, I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings too. Heh heh it's becoming too long so I should wrap up here! My Orbit-doongies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for wishing me a happy birthday 💙I love you💙



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