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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (200626)

My precious Orbits! Hello it's Jinsoul💙

My birthday is in June too, but I think it feels even more special because I debuted solo in this month. It's the month when I met Orbits for the first time! Heh heh I still have vivid memories of the day when my solo album came out and today is already the third anniversary! It might feel long when the days are passing, but when I look back like this time feels so fast.

I sometimes- no, more often than you might think? I look up videos of my old activities, and they make me think a lot each time. I can't help but notice the shortcomings first, but often I also discover something new, thinking "That's how it was back then." And that makes me work harder so I can improve myself! It may have been three years but I think I still have a long way to go, in both experience and skills. Heh heh fighting✊🏻

I was able to make so many good memories in these three years thanks to Orbits. I say this every time, but thank you so much! I want to keep being together and fill out even better memories, and times we'll never regret. There so so many things I want to do with Orbits so we must stay together! Okay? There is still a ton left that I want to show Orbits and share with you, so let's keep staying together💙

Lastly, Orbits! Thank you for being with me for these three years, and for loving me fiercely! Let's look forward to even better times that we'll walk along together and stay well together 💙I love you always, Orbits💙



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