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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (210613)

My Orbit-doongs! You're doing well right?

Today is my 25th birthday, and the fourth one I've spent with my Orbits 🥴 Maybe because this birthday is happening alongside preparations for the comeback I've awaited, it feels even more uplifting and happy 💙 To be honest when I was writing my birthday letter last year, I had no idea I wouldn't get to see Orbits for this long,, We haven't had any time at all to face each other lately,, Right,,😔 I hope soon! A really! Healthy world will come. I want to see you more to make up for how much we've missed, and do that much better by you,,🥺

Orbiiitss! Like I always say, thank you so so much! I'm actually not used to saying "Thank you" or "I love you", so I only express it in these letters each time ㅜㅡㅜ,, But you know I cherish my Orbits always with my whole heart, in my own unique way of expression right? Heheh if I had my way, I really want to come find every single one of you and hug you tight!🥴 Thank you, really, for making me someone who's happier than words could express, someone so special 💙 Also, I was reading letters and saw the words "I'm proud that you are my singer", and I want to say that I am so thankful that Orbits are my fans,, ㅜㅡㅜ To have met Orbits is, such a huge! Immense! Gift. My Orbit-doongs are the best,,😭

My Orbits! Now I can boldly say that we have! A comeback! Just like how Orbits gifted me with a special day today, I will prepare even more diligently for these remaining days so that I can gift you something special and splendid 💙 Until then don't be sick! The weather's gotten quite hot these days but you should be wary of heat and air conditioning! Wanna see you already! Orbiiiiiiit!💙 Ilaavvoooong 💙

Ah finally, thank you to my parents who had me and raised me to be pretty and cool💙 Love you 💙



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