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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (210626)

Orbit-doongs! It's Jinsoul 🙋🏻‍♀️

It’s been only 2 weeks but here I am again heheh

Today is!!! Four years since JinSOUL's debut 🥴

Saying "four years", it feels like a very long time, bringing back memories while making me think "so it's already been four years".

Thinking about it now, back then I was really awkward with things and it was all so hectic, so I have some regrets on things I could've done better, but it's thanks to those times that I could improve and be myself now, right? keke

Of course, even now I am far from perfect, but as I step forward to my 10th and 20th anniversaries I'll be able to show you a better me 😛 It's all thanks to the time I've spent together with Orbits 💙

And Orbitssss! Today’s my 4th anniversary, but also tomorrow is the fanmeeting! The day after tomorrow is the long-awaited! Comeback 🔥 Our days have been never been busier preparing for the comeback, so please look forward to it, and just wait a little! bit longer 🥰 See you soon! Miss you Orbiiit! 💙



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