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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (220613)

Hello Orbit! It’s Jinsoul😛

Lately I’ve been interacting ve-ry much with Orbits, but it feels like it has been a long time since I’ve written a letter.

So it somewhat feels like I’m suddenly talking sincerely with a close friend

Anyways! The reason I’m writing a letter today after so long! As you all probably know, today is my birthdayy

It’s already my fifth birthday with Orbits?

Days that would've always gone by ordinarily are made special thanks to Orbits, but particularly when my birthday approaches, I feel like I've become such an impressive person, you make me so happy that I think I'm dreaming.

To the point that I wonder if I should even be receiving this much love!

And also I feel the same way and want to take care of each and every Orbit’s birthday too,,,

The emotion I’m feeling now! I wish I could gift it to you as it is

Our Orbit who celebrated my 26th birthday with me and made me happy! Thank you so much! I love you,,(*˙˘˙)♡

Though I don't know how to express these emotions I'm feeling,,

I'll share the great amount of love that I received today with you in the days to come together💙

Ah! Also, you know there’s not much time left until our Flip That comeback, right? It’s D-7 heheh; please look forward to it a lot🤍

Please give it lots of attention🥴



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